The big bang

We would like to raise £5000 to replace our ageing timpani drums.
Our current timpani (kettle drums) are really too heavy for the children to lift on and off the vans at events. They are too big to fit through the door of the storeroom we rent and so have to live in the school hall. At weekends we have to leave them outside the school hall doors after each concert for the caretaker to drag in when he unlocks on the Monday morning. They are exposed to the elements and get cold and damp. They have to be stacked to avoid leaking guttering and this is damaging the skins.
With your help we could buy new, modern, smaller, lighter, stackable drums with protective covers that can be safely stored indoors and more easily transported to concerts. To replace all three drums would be ideal – we can then sell the old ones on. To be able to purchase a fourth drum would be amazing since in many pieces our percussionist need to re-tune mid piece to handle key changes.